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The Thrive with Digital programme is the result of 3 years of research and exploration. The initiative comes from former digital executives, each with 20 years’ experience.

We understand business and we won’t tell anyone to detox. We want digital to be used positively. We each have a reputation for being excellent, engaging moderators, running focused workshops that deliver results. We are also strongly engaged in people – through coaching, consumer research and genuine interest.

  • Craig Hill developed two successful premium digital marketing agencies delivering digital strategy, creative, media buying and social media services to the entertainment, FMCG and government sectors

  • Jessica Sandin has had a varied career in digital, spanning innovation- and strategy consultancy, qualitative research, analytics, journalism and a global strategy role at Nokia

We have run the Thrive with Digital initiative since 2015, amassing deep insight into the potential pitfalls of digital overuse. This combination of understanding business, people and both the good and bad sides of digital is the perfect mix for addressing digital overuse in business.

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The background – can digital be a problem for business?

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