The Thrive with Digital Project

Digital products and services are great tools to help us grow, but instead of keeping them as tools, we are often letting them control us and interrupt our meetings with others.

At the Thrive with Digital Project, we believe that human interactions are essential to our well-being and to the development of critical skills such as empathy and problem-solving.

We also think that digital products and services have a crucial role to play in helping to bring about those interactions. It’s not simply about ‘switching off’, but about helping everyone to use digital in the best possible way.

As a complement, not a substitute. As a tool for growth, not an interruption or a hindrance.

It is crucial that we, as a society, focus on using digital as a tool, so that we can get on with developing as people. If we lose our sense of empathy and our ability to interact effectively with each other, society will never be the same again.

Digital services can help in themselves – for example, children’s treasure hunts or task-based games that get them outdoors and interacting with each other – or we can aim to use some apps – such as story builders, to continue the kids’ example – together, rather than apart.

Thrive with Digital comes from Craig Hill and Jessica Sandin, both long-time industry executives and keen to make the best of digital for people, productivity and wellbeing. Find out more about us here. Follow us on Twitter for updates: @thrivepeople

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