Back in action with new a new project brewing

During the past year, we have seen the debate around how we use our digital devices intensify. Encouraging developments included UK telecoms regulator Ofcom’s questions on digital detox and dependency on in the survey for its annual communications report last year and an increasing debate around digital use and the need to be present.

More recently, the idea that you can have more fun at dinner if your phone is not at the table made its way into the latest, life-affirming Marks & Spencers ad. Personally, I keep being told that groups of young people are adopting the idea of putting all phones aside for dinner, with anyone who checks theirs picking up the bill. Things appear to be moving in the right direction.

On our blog, we have had a slower rate of posting in past months, due to other commitments. The good news is that part of the time we’ve spent away has been dedicated to shaping a new step in our development – more about this in coming weeks. Let’s just say that it’s time to move from discussing these issues to taking more concrete action.

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